Electrical Engineer - FoxConn, Singapore (2016/10/18)

Job Responsibility

We are looking for an experienced Electrical Engineer.

He or she, will:

  • Be part of a worldwide R&D group in fiber optic division, developing new test systems and methodologies.
  • Actively collaborate to the design of high data rate functional blocks.
  • Work hands on with RF/analog/optical & digital hardware architects, software developers, digital signal processing experts and optical test engineers in a R&D Lab. Deep knowledge and previous experience working with DCA, BERT, VNA equipment is a plus.
  • Perform simulations on functional blocks and correlate with real measurements. Knowledge of Agilent ADS SW is a plus.
  • Design PCB (schematic and layout) for high speed circuitry. Knowledge of Altiris SW is a plus.
  • Collaborate closely with optical transponder development teams to generate test requirements.
  • Generate detailed Engineering Requirements Specifications (ERS) for each subsystem.
  • Support the introduction to manufacturing of the developed systems.
  • Support the field applications related issues.


Technical experience in the following areas, is required:

Signal Integrity, RF design for high data rate systems, digital and analog signal testing methodologies, test correlations, electrical and optical stress sources, de embedding of test & measurement equipment/fixtures, FIR filters.



MS or PHD in Electric or Communication Engineering
Mastering Hardware, Software , RF and Optoelectronics
Knowhow in test equipment and automation test methodologies
Able to generate new idea and approaches to overcome complex issues
Preferred working  experiences in Fiber Optics
Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
Maintain high degree of integrity and discretion


Contact: Ing. Salvatore Sabbatino salvatore.sabbatino@foit-foxconn.com