PRIMO - Reconfigurable Platforms for Wideband Wireless Communications

Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education under the FIRB (Basic Research Funds) with 11.2 million Euros. 8 Italian partners. Directed by prof. Sergio Benedetto.

PRIMO research project deals with the design, the development, and the experimental validation of base stations and user terminals for wideband wireless communications systems able to cope with those reconfigurability and interoperability characteristics required by the next generation mobile communication systems.

The main focus of the research will be on the physical layer with the emphasis on algorithms and architectures yielding bandwidth efficiency, low power, high capacity, reconfigurability, to both mobile terminal and base station. Various architectures suitable to implement a flexible software-defined radio (SDR) platform will be studied and compared, with the aim of an efficient implementation of a set of key algorithms to be "customized" and shared between various radio access schemes. One of the project outcomes will be the platform, to be used also as a test-bed for long-term, innovative system solutions.

Besides the scientific objectives of the project, we plan to develop a national multi-pole centre for advanced studies on wireless systems, offering a broad range of research opportunities to young researchers and internationally renowned scholars. Moreover, a continuous and constructive cooperation among universities and industries will be pursued, so as to enrich the long-term innovative vision of the academy with the experience, assessment of relevance, sensibility to cost-effectiveness, and attention to the final product of the industry.

Coordinated with the described research activity, the  EMC Group concentrates on the design of new analog base-band circuits immune to conveyed radiofrequency interference.

The  IPL Group has the role of member of the steering committee and responsible for research activities on wireless multimedia applications.

Class National project
Status Completed (31/12/2006)
Type Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds
Lenght 60 months
Management Politecnico di Torino
  • Universit√† di Pisa
  • Universit√† di Padova
  • Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
  • Universit√† di Roma "La Sapienza"
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Telecom Italia Lab
  • Marconi Mobile Access
Budget 11.2 million Euros
Web site Project site