CERCOM - Center for Multimedia Radio Communications

CERCOM is the Center of Excellence on communication systems founded by the Department of Eletronics (DELEN) and the Department of Computer Science and Control Engineering (DAUIN) of Politecnico di Torino. The mission of the Center was to provide, by means of research, development and education, a significant contribution to the solution of some of the most important technological problems in the field of wireless communications, integrating and coordinating several skills already present at the two mentioned departments.

The  Microwave and Opto-Electronics group has been actively involved within the WP2 (Modeling, design, and characterization of RF circuits and subsystems for wireless applications), and in particular in three research lines:

  • WP2.1-Design and optimization of high-linearity, high-efficiency power amplifiers and oscillators, with particular emphasis on subjects like the RF predistortion of power amplifiers, the power device electrothermal modeling and the circuit stability analysis;
  • WP2.2-Experimental characterization of power devices and circuits, especially aimed at optimizing the load-pull characterization technique and implementing new time domain measurements systems within the load-pull setup;
  • WP2.3-Radio over fibers: systems and devices, dedicated to the electro-absorption and electro-optical modulator modeling and the characterization of electro-optical devices and systems.

The  EMC Group group had the aim to find out design procedures, chip architectures and implementation rules for optimizing the electromagnetic compatibility behavior of integrated circuits (ICs), for what concerns their emission and immunity. Special care has been devoted in applying results to the wireless system case, taking into account its specific operating conditions, its architecture and used technologies. As far as immunity of ICs is concerned the project has been devoted to verify the behavior versus conducted RF disturbances of some analog elementary cells thus identifying the susceptibility weakness and the propagation path of the radiofrequency signal inside the IC. For what concerns the electromagnetic emission the project is aimed to design and test passive and/or active filters for power bias lines, embedded in the chip itself.

The  IPL Group had the role of deputy coordinator; member of the steering committee; responsible for research activities on the physical layer design of beyond 3G wireless networks.

Class National project
Status Completed (31/12/2004)
Type Research Projects Supported by Structural and National Funds
Lenght 60 months
Web site CERCOM site